276 Paseo Reyes Dr I St. Augustine, FL 32095

276 Paseo Reyes Dr I St. Augustine, FL 32095


The Heart Sound Recorder (HSR) is a simple, highly effective, computer-based low-risk general wellness monitor based on technology created in the 1930s. It uses the principles of auscultation (sound) to acquire, display, record, and save heart sounds in a graph form. When the graphs are reviewed by trained practitioners, they can reveal nutritional deficiencies.

An Ideal Heart Graph:

The Analysis
The Heart Sound Recorder exam is a non-invasive test. The patient simply sits comfortably in a chair, with clothes on! A sensor is placed, over clothing, in four separate chest locations. Sounds from the four valves of the heart are then recorded. Once the test is complete, the practitioner can see the nutritional efficiency of the heart and systemic circulatory system. The actual test takes about five minutes.

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